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SDFC Scandinavian Decor Fans (S3D)

SDFC Scandinavian Decor Fans (S3D)

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Earth tones depicts the shades in nature, and they’re warm and inviting colours. By drawing colours from palette of browns and tans, these colour schemes are muted and flat which provides a sense of relaxation. Resembling the moon, SDFC’s tri-tone lighting fills the ambience with serenity. Toggle around the three lighting tones- Warm, day and white to suit your everyday needs! With sizes suitable for both your living and dining area, be prepared to luxuriate in cooling days ahead!


  • Design Origin IPOS REF S/N : 202008516X
  • Blade Class : Trim Edged (Intensity) Blade Assembly.
  • Material Class : Layered Trim Carve Handcraft Polywood. ( MAT )
  • Color Class : Natural Wood Stain Finishing.
  • Motor Class : EDC 35W Energy Efficient Motor System
  • Control Option : ( RF433MHZ Six Speed Dual Direction Control)


  • Diameter Size Option : 42/48 (Inches)
  • Recommended Ceiling Height : 2.5m to <3.3m
  • Area/Vol cool : 6 <9m2/3800<7800CFM+

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    Lighting Acronyms

    T5F - Tri Way Samsung DIM LED 2250LM/ Flat/ Dimmable/ Smart Compatible Option (Requires additional set-up by technician)

    S3D - Tri Way Samsung LED 2000LM/ Dome-shaped/ On or off light to change color temperature

    S3F - Tri Way Samsung LED 2000LM/ Flat/ On or off light to change color temperature

    NLO - No Light Option. With a base plate

    Remote Control

    Each unit purchased comes with a Preset 6 Speed Dual Direction Slim Remote.

    Operating Environment & Application

    Operating Environment - Rated T 32 - 40 dCel.
    Application - Indoor / Covered Outdoor Use from 2.3m.


    Optional Light Kit/ Extension Kit up to 2m.

    Warranty (Only in Singapore)

    10 years on Motor (limited), 2 years on Parts & 1 year Onsite. T&C Applies.

    Terms Of Purchase

    Supply & Delivery only. You will be contacted during order processing for confirmation purposes. Strictly no amendments after order is placed.

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