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For Starters

Our Starters Collection reflects a simple yet efficient design that bends seamlessly into every home. If simplistic functionality is what you are looking for, our Starters Collection is great for you.

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Tech Savvy

For the Tech Savvy, now you can command your home remotely! Featuring an open sourced compatibility system, pair your smart fans selection with Google Home Integration to enable interaction and scene activation on the go.

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Statement Pieces

Brainstorming on how to create your very own statement ceiling that makes your guests lookup? Our Statement Collection features evergreen modern designs that can easily suit various interior themes and WOW your guests.

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Low Profiler

Introducing our Low Profiler that is specially designed to ventilate spaces with low ceiling. Featuring <250mm of height clearance in contrast to >310mm in comparison of market offering.

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Twilight Zone

Looking for ventilation in rooms with existing lighting fixtures? Enter the Twilight Zone to discover modern ceiling fans without lights.

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Why Choose Decor Fans?

  • Widest Range of Designer Fans

    Featuring more than 8 popular sizing configurations to suit apartment living,  bedrooms, study areas and sheltered balconies.

  • Built With Premium Materials

    Responsibly built from premium sustainable materials, such as composite aluminium, handcraft polywood, and more.

  • Assembly

    Compact assembly, featuring <250mm of height clearance in contrast to >310mm of market offering.

  • Safety Certified

    Certified by International Electrotechnical Commission applicable to over 35 countries in Southeast Asia and more. Singapore safety recognition by Enterprise Singapore standards.

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