Why Choose Decor Fans?  

We use unique materials, which are either 2 ply or 3 ply. This provides better wind flow and sturdiness which gives our fans the ability to generate more wind and less noise disturbance. Blade design wise, our collections are truly trendy and timeless, which compliments modern housing well. There are 2 major wind blade designs available, which are focused on either intensity or wind spread to suit your differing needs. 

Motor Technology

Our Motor Technology is a DC operation 6 speed setting with dual direction wind circulation adapted for your cooling needs. They are well known for their silent operation and energy efficiency, especially in apartment settings. Our fans are also compatible with Smart Home Systems such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa for the digital savvy to control our fans remotely.

Fan Designs

Our Best Seller designs are the Straight Edge Series for a more intense wind flow and Hybrid Curve Series which is more focused on a wider spread. 

Colour Options

There are multiple trendy color options for you to pick. If you prefer a minimalist look, you can opt for our neutral tones which are the classic black and white. If you are more of a tree hugger, you can pick our natural tones, which is dark oak and maple oak to complement any interior designs. 

Fan Without Lights? Yes!

Example of a collection without light that promotes the spread of wind flow is the twilight collection.

Light Options

Our fans are equipped with 20W 3 tones of light settings (natural day, ambient warm & task white) to meet your daily needs. An additional dimming option is also available on selected models.

Drop of Ceiling Fan

Our fans are engineered with an estimated total height of 31cm to suit apartment heights from 2.7m- 3.3m, which is according to the guideline of the regulation in Singapore. For lower ceiling apartments, we provide another option of 26cm total height to suit apartment heights from 2.3-2.9m. For ceiling heights below 2.2m, it is generally not recommended due to safety concerns.

Company Establishment

We started off as a reseller for about 10 years ago & evolved from being a distributor, supplier, and finally into manufacturing and assembly of our own range of ceiling fans. Over the years, we have received positive feedback from many customers, and have been featured on Straits Times and established media.

Have any other enquiries? Drop us a message via the chat at the bottom right corner of this page. Our team will strive to contact you within 3 working days!